Residential & Commercial Products

WELLMATE composite tanks have become the tank of choice in residential and commercial applications for their unmatched performance over steel. They contain no steel, so they can’t rust. They require little or no maintenance because their fiberglass-wound and epoxy-resin-sealed outer shell won’t dent, and there’s no paint to scratch or touch up. Their light weight (less than half that of steel tanks) makes them quicker and less costly to install. Plus, they are 100% lead-free, and will not introduce undesirable chemicals or elements into the water.

A Recognized Leader in Composite Pressure
Tank Design

With more than 50 years experience in composite tank design and construction, WELLMATE has become synonymous with innovative solutions for water storage and pressure boosting applications. State-of-the-art winding equipment, the best materials and an ISO-9001 certified manufacturing facility guarantee that our one-piece composite construction is second to none, providing you with truly world-class products that are certified to NSF/ANSI std. 61 section 8 and Annex G. In addition, our latest quick-connect advancements demonstrate our ongoing commitment to make the best tanks in the industry the very best they can be.